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steeped in tea

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we will dive into the earth together.
and if one day a wild flower finds water
and springs up from that piece of earth.
its stems will have two blossoms for sure:
one will be you,
the other me.

nazim hikmet , ’letter from my wife’

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I have changed my name to Scout and moved to the forest to draw pictures of magical clouds.

what have you done lately?


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Sleeping in the Forest by Mary Oliver

I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts, her pockets
full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before, a stone on the river bed,
nothing between me and the white fire of the stars
but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths
among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
breathing around me, the insects,
and the birds who do their work in the darkness.
All night I rose and fell, as if in water,
grappling with a luminous doom. By morning
I had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.

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’each morning the day lies like a fresh shirt on our bed;
this incomparably fine,
incomparably tightly woven tissue of pure prediction fits us perfectly.
the happiness of the next twenty-four hours
depends on our ability,
on waking, to pick it up.’

walter benjamin

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